About us: Taylor GRILL

Taylor Grill is located in Suzhou , which is a major city located in southeastern Jiangsu Province of East China, about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Shanghai. It is a major economic center and focal point of trade and commerce, and the second largest city in the province, after its capital Nanjing.  Taylor has started the grill controller business from 2013. It has 5 years experiences of controller and grill development. After being extensive experience of grill testing, it has customers located in Canada, USA, Holland and Germany respectively and two patents got in China. Each product is a result of Taylor's dedication to grill and pledge to improve and create new products that fulfill the needs of its highly valued customers by bigger, better and smarter way. 

Our Mission is delivering more values to customer through making grill and controller better and smarter. Over 150,000 controllers delivery to customer annually.